Cheap Trick
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Welcome to my Cheap Trick page.
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This is a picture out of the town's local newspaper of Robin and Tom is in the backround.
Friday, July 10th 1999
The night that I became a cheap trick fan. I have'nt been a Cheap Trick fan for a long time. I am 15 years old so I wasn't around for the band's glory days. I went to see them perform at the Monroe County Fair. Robin was wearing his black trenchcoat and a cloth suit underneath. Tom was wearing his chrome black jacket with the Greman flag across the middle. Bun E. was wearing all black with a black cap that said "Police" across it. And you can probably guess what Mr. Nielson was wearing. His classic black suit and white-checkered sneakers. It was an awesome show that I was musically influenced by. Since I play the drums and am learning bass guitar, the music is that much better to me.
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